We offer our services in the following areas: Johannesburg and Randburg


The South African Revenue Service and other statutory bodies have onerous requirements on employers regarding payroll compliance. To take the load off the client for everything to be done to be compliant, we run weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls using suitable agreed upon procedures and processes. Compliance includes, inter alia, PAYE, UIF, SDL, EMP201/501 RETURNS, COIDA REMUNERATION REPORTS, COST OF EMPLOYMENT and all other payroll reports.


Timeously paying your employees is critical to the success of your business and retaining of customers. Due to some very short term cash shortage to pay employees, often because of the difference between salaries payment date (usually around the 25th of the month) and debtors’ payment receipts right on the last day of the month, for small and medium businesses, we do payroll & bank interface with the client. The client provides us an electronic folder containing its employees’ banking details and salary net values to be paid. We upload the electronic folder onto our payroll CAMs banking system and release payments on behalf of the client. We then immediately provide the client with proof of bank payments.

What sets Vuselela apart?

Partnership is the essence of our business relationship, we work with you rather than for you and this makes us understand your business and your requirements better. We provide simple, quality and reliable services. No frills, bells and whistles. Prior to starting any assignment, we endeavour to ensure that clear and well-defined client requirements are available, documented and understood.

Provide regular progress reports on assignments. Placements follow ups and feedback to both client and candidate. Ensure confidentiality whenever dealing with sensitive information regarding job candidates, client's employees and business. Decline business where Vuselela's integrity is at stake. Do not under price ourselves for the sake of securing business while quality of service might be compromised